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4x4 Travel & Adventure Club Sarawak (commonly known as SAKTA) founded in Kuching Sarawak in 2005 and was officially registered with the Registrar of Societies in 2007.

Supported by 60 strong dedicated core members, SAKTA's objectives are to promote SARAWAK TO THE WORLD and propose another collaboration with Ministry Of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth & Sport Sarawak, Local Authorities / Bodies and Universities toward the final year of three (3) years planning strategies to achieve the three (3) main elements as follows :

  1. Youth Development

  2. Entrepreneur Development

  3. Branding & Marketing Sarawak The Malaysian


SAKTA  becomes one of the yearly major event tourists attraction in Sarawak, especially for those who are enjoying the long distance off-roading adventure while enjoying the phenomenal views, culture show, local food delegacies & karaoke at the longhouse stay and open sky camping near the riverbank BBQ drinks all night long singing & mingle with new friends beside the campfire that Sarawak has to offer as a state.




To achieve another success for the next event at the same time hoping to be recognized and approved by the authorities as a "Yearly Calendared Event". 


  • Creates local "changemakers" or social entrepreneurs who elevate entire communities,economics and ecosystems with travel as the catalyst, "sparking economic growth acress multiple industries in destinations where it is given strategics focus.

  • Building independent local business & employment capacity is necessary for sustainable adventure tourism economy.


  • Creating effective, measureable conservation incentives based on the "goods & services"provided ecosystems, so communities benefit directly from being good stewards.

  • Becoming guides for adventure travel.

  • providing meals and lodging

  • Selling handmade arts & crafts

  • Exposure to adventure travellers presents oppurtinities for local to project new, positive personal & community image.

  • Local natural & cultural resources improves the community's social & economic health & elevates community morale - which can lead to more opportunities for investment so the cycle begins again.